Great classes!

Perfect for you and your little ones

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    Structured gym classes

    Learning and fun rolled into one

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    Small class sizes

    Lots of time with your instructors

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    Group work

    helps develop social and listening skills

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    Weekly themes

    help focus skills taught and develop the imagination. No two classes are ever the same!


Build skills and confidence!

Learn key skills in gymnastics that help develop:

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    Body awareness

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An incredible gym!

Specially designed equipment and a purpose built gym lets children learn in an environment that’s safe and fun!

the gym

Take a look around…

  • Children playing in the gym
  • Child on bosun ball
  • Girl doing handstand
  • Child crawling through tunnel
  • Swinging on beam
  • Baby on a soft 'cheese'

Your gymnastics journey starts here…

  • Structured parent & child gymnastic classes
    4 months – 3.5 years

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  • Independent gymnastic classes. Collect British Gymnastic badge
    3.5–5 years

  • Gym Bubbas Juniors logo

  • Develop skills and work towards British Gymnastic proficiency badges 8–1
    5–10 years

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Meet our team

Hi everyone and welcome to Gym Bubbas. My name is Kate and from a child I have always had a love for gymnastics and diving.

It is through this passion that I developed my love for coaching and teaching children so why I am here today.

I first started teaching diving, recreational gymnastics and trampolining in Plymouth over 13 years ago at central park. From there I moved to London for 5 years to manage and coach at a recreational gymnastics centre. In March 2010 my son Austin was born so my husband Wayne and I decided to move back to Plymouth to be closer to our family. From my experience in London I decided to set up my own classes here in Plymouth and so Gym Bubbas was born. I hope you all enjoy your time with us and I look forward to meeting you all and your little ones at classes.

Hi all, I am Wayne. My main role with Gym Bubbas is in administration, marketing and general day to day running of the centre. I will get to meet you all in the gym as I regularly assist Kate and Kris with classes as well as teach the independent classes. Since I have been working with Gym Bubbas I have seen the little ones who attend the gym not only grow and develop their physical skills but also their levels of concentration. As a parent when I was initially told about little ones following along with classes and completing forward rolls on their own I never thought it was possible until I started experiencing it for myself. What little ones can do when they are given the opportunity is amazing! I look forward to meeting you all soon.
Hi I’m Kris, as an ex Royal Marine I understand the importance of health and fitness during day to day life. Before my military service I was again in a teaching role as a swimming teacher North of London. I enjoyed seeing and being a part of the children’s progression in the pool with technique and fitness.

Alongside Gym Bubbas I run a variety of fitness classes for adults but I feel the best way to teach is from the grass roots up, so being part of Gym Bubbas I am in a great place to impart my knowledge and experience for the children to have fun, and learn. I look forward to meeting everyone in class, and if anyone has any questions for me please feel free to ask.

Hi I’m Louise, mum to Charlotte and Sheridan.

I started my career by attending Swansea University where I studied mechanical engineering. I always dreamed of becoming an engineer in the RAF and even tried out in RAF Cranwell for officer’s selection and passed. However 12 yrs ago, I met my husband Chris and because of his job it was either a marriage/family or my career and I’m glad I chose the path I’m on now.

Some of you may recognise me from Water Babies, where I enjoyed my job as a baby swimming teacher for 4 fantastic years. However, after vocal damage, I’m now enjoying life with the lovely Kate and Wayne as administrator at Gym Bubbas and I’m loving every minute! I look forward to getting to know you all in the gym (and on the phone!!!) in the coming terms :-)

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